Captain Charlie Simian

Species: Chimpanzee
From: U.S.A.
Age: At least 37
Rank: Captain
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Voice: Jerry Doyle

In the 1960's, the scientists of Earth send several monkeys into space before risking a manned spaceflight. Their names are Able, Baker, and Charlie. The first two return safely to earth, but due to a glitch in the still-primitive technology of that time, Charlie's capsule careens from orbit and heads out into the abyss of space.

The capsule and its simian cargo fly past solar systems, into and out of space warps for over three decades and several million light years...until it reaches the home planet of an ancient race, the most intelligent in the universe. They mistake the chimp, Charlie, for the emissary from Earth, bestow upon him the gifts they'd been saving for this propitious moment: intelligence, super high-technology, weaponry...and a new mission — to select a crew, bestow these same "gifts" upon them, and protect the universe from the forces of Nebula, an entity bent on universal destruction. That's the good news. The bad news is...you can't get bananas in outer space!

Captain Simian is our star, part Jim Kirk, part Chuck Yeager, and all monkey! He is a chimpanzee, but no homosapien has anything on this simian swashbuckler. He's brave, super-intelligent, insightful, passionate and a natural leader. He takes his responsibility quite seriously, but he's also a human being. Well, kind of. He's got a big heart and often follows it instead of his head. He's head over heels in love with a certain gorgeous golden monkey, who he hopes in time will return his affection (this romantic tension defines their relationship). Most important, Captain Simian is the driving force behind the mission and the one who must make the difficult decisions. But he isn't all intellect.

As Captain Simian, he thrives on action. In crisis, the adrenaline rushes through his veins and he is perfectly willing to dive into trouble against impossible odds.

Finally, Simian is driven by one desire: he wants to get home. But he is a hero of epic proportion and knows he can't go back to Earth until he and the Space Monkeys have defeated Nebula and rendered the universe safe for another millennia.

Shao Lin

Species: Chinese golden monkey
From: Tibet, China
Rank: First Officer
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 99 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Karen Maruyama

This gorgeous female Chinese golden monkey was worshipped as a goddess on Earth and she's lost none of that regal bearing aboard ship.

She's used to giving orders, not taking them, though she's smart enough to realize that, as second in command, she has to...but that doesn't mean she likes it! Shao Lin is mysterious, smart, brave and completely self-sufficient. She's a martial arts expert and can perform kicks, spins and other acrobatic maneuvers with amazing prowess. Shao Lin is also not that impressed with technology; she thinks monkeys might have lost something in this "improvement" and is constantly suspicious of the benefits of the modern world. Shao Lin projects an unearthly calm, but she may have more feelings than she lets on...particularly for Captain Simian, for whom she might just be a little more fond than she admits.

And also: she's decidedly female, and very sexy. Shao Lin speaks with a Chinese accent, though slight. She is fond of reciting sayings and parables that apply to the situation...sometimes while she's beating some alien monster senseless. She is very fond of all of her crew-mates, but only in moments of great excitement or relief does she exhibit this. Her humor is gentle, usually with a point.


Species: Spider monkey
From: New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Hair: Red-brown
Eyes: Brown
Voice: Dom Irrera

The smallest member of the crew and the most energetic, this spider monkey was rescued from an organ grinder in New York City.

Forced to spend his life doing "tricks" for humans, he is extremely sensitive about the "exploitation" he witnesses all over the "monkey-lovin" universe. A real firebrand, he often leaps into action over what might seem like trivial matters because of his hot-headedness. He's always got some hair-brained plan or half-baked campaign that gets the others in big trouble. A chatterbox, diplomacy is definitely not his strong point—especially when anyone gives him a thumbs up, since he's the only one without an opposable thumb! Fortunately, Spydor has his tail, a remarkable (and long) sight to see. It twists and spins and curls and can be fitted with an array of weapons and other devices that make him quite formidable. He usually teams up with Gor, the gentle giant, egging him on. The fact that he is enormously entertaining and good-hearted keeps the Captain from disciplining him. That, and the fact that his energy and resourcefulness are invaluable at times (he is the galaxy-wide champion scrounger!). Spydor is not averse to, well, let's call it what it is: stealing. Apparently the lack of a thumb has led to some very light fingers.

Spydor is the master of the quick rejoinder, sarcastic remark and high speed rant.

In other words, this monkey is definitely no "mook!"


Species: Gorilla
From: Rwanda
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voice: James Avery

Gor was a peaceful mountain gorilla when he was abducted...er, recruited to join Captain Simian in his fight against Nebula. Unluckily, the process to enhance his intelligence may not have been fully complete when he woke from it and destroyed the Cerebrotron.

Since then, Apax, an intergalactic fight promoter who kidnaped Gor and Spydor, wanted to make Gor more competitive in his gladiator games so he turned him into a fighting monster called Gormongus. When Gor gets angry or hurt he turns into Gormongus, a giant destructive ape that nothing can stop until he is calmed down.

Attempts to raise Gor's intelligence have been met with destroying his instinctual side. When restored to his former naive nature he can turn back into Gormongus when provoked. However, remnants of his intelligence have appeared from time to time since this Ape is definitely smarter than he looks.

Dr. Splitz / Splitzy

Species: Orangutan
From: Okeechobee Falls, U.S.A.
Hair: Red-orange
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Maurice LaMarche

This orangutan has a slight behavioral problem. On one identity, he sounds and acts just like an upper crust M.I.T. Ph.D. However, on the other identity, he sounds and acts just like an unkempt Georgia fix-it-all grease monkey. Why he has a split personality that has shown such a predisposition in mechanical engineering sciences is not quite ascertained yet but what is known is they can't survive without each other. If it isn't "fascinating" then it's some coloquilism that's as bad as a polecat in a hen house.


Species: Small glowing ball
From: The planet of the "        "
Voice: Jeff Glen Bennett

The most powerful device in the universe and the key to the GLOP generator is the Orbitron. Unfortunately, it was damaged by Gor and life for it has never been the same since. Orbitron is the repository of the advanced alien (the "        ") race's science and wisdom. Unfortunately that does not do a lot of good since being damaged it zooms around being negative and sprouts cliches from the 1960's and 1970's such as "Moondoggie!"

Captain Simian says that "one of these days he has gotta get that thing fixed." "Or maybe not."

Rhesus 2

Species: Part rhesus monkey, part machine
From: The planet Terrestria
Hair: Blond
Voice: Malcolm McDowell

This combination madman and mechanical monkey is always willing to share his mind...in exchange for all of yours.

A deranged egocentric who toadies only to the being who rebuilt him, Rhesus 2 is the most dangerous foe Captain Simian and his crew has faced. Rhesus 2's motivation other than the fact he's forced to serve Nebula is the fact he expects a part of the Universe for himself to rule when everything is done. Always spinning a pun when attacking to torment his victims, Rhesus 2 can dispose of his brain on any old whim and so often does preferring to feast on the brains of his victims. His ego being what it is he tends to design his machinations of evil after himself, heavily armed robot shells with bigger brains.

Rhesus 2's greatest fear is the day that his Lord Nebula created him.


Species: Part human, part black hole
Voice: Michael Dorn

The bad guy! And we mean B.A.D.

He's the force for chaos and evil in the universe and his tentacles of domination stretch across the galaxies, spreading doom in this universal game of Risk. And he has unimaginable power to back up his fiendish and single minded purpose: to become the all-powerful Black Hole and suck the entire Universe into himself ("The Big Crunch") destroying all living things, and then recreate the Universe in his image. In the pilot episode, when we first meet Nebula, he has almost succeeded in finding the anti-force he needs to put him over the top: A Gravi-Luminous Orbifolding Positron Generator. But after the Space Monkeys get through with him and use the GLOP generator and a, well, a disco ball to cause a space-time embolism within Nebula, he is reduced once again to more humanoid proportions.

Until he can catch and dissect the Space Monkeys, he is doing everything he can to get the secret to producing more of the anti-force. He is enslaving civilizations throughout the galaxy, forcing every being in each society to look for the quantum theory of gravity (one planet is forced by the cruel Nebula to do math ALL the time!), or mine strange alien metals, or, in some other fashion, to produce GLOP. He is also convinced that the Space Monkeys contain some clue to the secret of GLOP. That is why he is bent on destroying them and dissecting their brains. (With the help of Rhesus 2, or course!) In the meantime, Nebula is stuck in-between: half human and half...something else. And his frustration just makes him angrier.

What good is it if you can fling your molecules halfway across a galaxy in a nanosecond...if you have to stop and go to the loo? What benefit is it to absorb the power of a dwarf star...if you get lower back pain? Nebula fights his human half, suppressing all humane thoughts in his hatred for this species. He seeks to rid the universe of this "disease," It's bad enough to face "these monkeys" that constantly remind him of his genetic roots.

He wants to destroy them and any trace of "human" traits, which exist in countless species throughout the reaches of space. Then, perhaps, in a universe devoid of such distractions, he can concentrate on realizing his full power...if he can just get rid of that nagging cold!

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