Yes, We Have No Bananas
Yes, We Still Have No Bananas
The Monkey Has Landed
Gorilla My Dreams
Splitzy's Choice
Invasion of the Banana Snatchers
Repo Ape
10 Lawnmower Ape
11 Monkey in the Middle
12 The Apes of Wrath
13 Plan Ape From Outer Space
14 Mind Over Monkey
15 Monkey Puzzle Man
16 Planet of the Humans
17 Felonious Monks
18 Little House on the Primate
19 The Maltese Monkey
20 Rhesus Pieces
21 Escape From the Plant of the Apes
22 A Clockwork Orang
23 Surf Monkeys Must Dive!
24 The Mandrill Who Knew Too Much
25 Ape-pocalypse Now!
26 Ape-pocalypse...A Little Later!
1 Yes, We Have No Bananas
Captain Simian and the crew are recruited by the "        ."

2 Yes, We Still Have No Bananas
The Space Monkeys devise a plan to stop Nebula.

3 Ape-lien
An alien made of DNA chases the crew through the ship.

4 The Monkey Has Landed
The Captain meets Lilith, a chimpanzee, on a planet that could be Earth.

5 Gorilla My Dreams
The crew discovers a galaxy with a legend about a sleeping giant.

6 Gormongus!
Apax turns Gor into a fighting monster.

7 Splitzy's Choice
Splitzy and Dr. Splitz separate, as does the ship.

8 Invasion of the Banana Snatchers
Mysterious bananas make the crew revolt.

9 Repo Ape
The Space Monkeys are pulled into a magnetic anomaly.

10 Lawnmower Ape
Gor becomes smarter.

11 Monkey in the Middle
A two-dimensional creature haunts the Captain.

12 The Apes of Wrath
Holo-boons try to take over the Avenger.

13 Plan Ape From Outer Space
Inhabitants of a planet think that the Space Monkeys are enemies.

14 Mind Over Monkey
Rhesus's bomb makes the crew live their worst fears.

15 Monkey Puzzle Man
Lago shares abilities of the crew.

16 Planet of the Humans
Primitive humans on a wooded planet capture the crew.

17 Felonious Monks
Shao Lin must rescue the others from Apax's jail.

18 Little House on the Primate
Small creatures inhabit Spydor.

19 The Maltese Monkey
The Orbitron is stolen on a mysterious planet.

20 Rhesus Pieces
The Glyph attempts to defeat Nebula.

21 Escape From the Plant of the Apes
Plants capture the Avenger.

22 A Clockwork Orang
The Space Monkeys land on a planet controlled by Matrix.

23 Surf Monkeys Must Dive!
The crew crash-lands in a pink ocean.

24 The Mandrill Who Knew Too Much
Mandrax appears when Nebula re-creates the planet of the "        ."

25 Ape-pocalypse Now!
The Captain sees illusions as the others battle Rhesus.

26 Ape-pocalypse...A Little Later!
Mandrax helps the Captain find a way to save the crew.

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