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I finally did a sketch of Charlie! This is just a late night doodle I did one night when I'd been staring at the 'puter too long. The hair is kinda funky, but it's still not bad for my first try.
My second try at the Captain! Even though they're both pretty much the same, I like this one a little more 'cause I put more effort into it. It's still just his head because I'm not confident enough to do the rest. :P
At the urging of Splitzy, I scanned the little series of facial expressions I did of the original characters. Done in Col-Erase and Prismacolors, I was looking at pictures and trying to see how well I could draw them. They're pretty old; I think I've improved. These ones still look pretty good. He's worried in all of 'em... Wonder why.
I was waiting for Splitzy to sign on and out of pure and simple boredom I stared at a screenshot of Shao Lin for almost 10 minutes. Then after I uncrossed my eyes and got a drink of tea, I drew this. It's the best original character drawing I've done so far. ("Shao Lin looks like a Guinea pig!" was something Apple said to Spydor in a dream...)
This was drawn at the same time as the sketches of the Captain above. Kind of loses it's impact without her chin there, but I was just not going to scan it again... I'm not really happy with this one at all anymore. It's still kind of cute.
The snow inspired me. We have a lot. And we keep getting more. Apple rallied most of the RPG girls (no Chia, she doesn't play) to attack an unsuspecting crew member with some snow play. There's Jemilla peeking with her crazy hair from over the hill and Alanna hiding behind Apple, afraid to get involved because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. If anyone wants to color this, go ahead. If not, I'll color it with my Prismacolors and then scan it again…
I'm very happy with this drawing. I'm proud of the way Spydor turned out. Always the "scrounger," it looks like Spydor swiped Apple's pencil while she was off doin' something away from her sketchbook...Apple's hands may be a bit small, but I can overlook that since I'm happy with everything else. <g>
Finally, a colored piece. Though in this one of Spydor I don't really like how my scanner picked up the colors. They're too light or bright or something...I was going to enhance the image by putting Spydor's name beneath him in fancy text or something, but I was too lazy. :P Maybe later. It was drawn in my "little sketchbook," that's why so much is cropped.
This drawing I worked extremely hard on (even had Roxy model for me 'cause I couldn't get Apple's pose right). I pushed myself to get it done in time for Splitzy's birthday. ;) It's colored with pastels, one of my favorite mediums. The original has some sort of dialogue at the bottom, but I don't remember what it was, and it's all blurred now.
These are some other sketches that go with the Captains and Shao Lins above. The faces on these look really good, but I wish I had a better handle on the craziness of the hair, it looks too stiff. I didn't scan Gor because I only had one and...I was sick of scanning. I don't have one for Spydor at all. Maybe I'll do them sometime... When the mood strikes.
Ah yes, Lilith. I did most of this one during Sociology class while we were watching a movie on David Koresh that I just didn't want to pay attention to. I started coloring her on the computer, but she's still not done.
Lookit the funny antlers she has on! Actually, they're annoying bell things that jingle when you walk. The coloring on this one is good. I actually took time on it!
Aww, how cute. Jemmy is one of my fave RPG characters. I don't think her costume is exactly what Sam (her player) had in mind, but I didn't know what to do so I just took artistic liberties. ^_^
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