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This 'portrait' has Chuck on the offensive...leaping down to attack something or someone. I know I've done good, 'cause Splitzy tells me I even got the color of the good Captain's foot gloves right! <g>
The lovely Shao Lin was a spur of the moment drawing that took on a life of its own. I got her dimensions correct, although her coloration might be off a teeny bit. I had a lot of fun drawing this, and it spurred me on to try drawing 'portraits' for the original Space Monkeys.
This picture comes from Story B's RPG. It shows Shao Lin immediately after the Captain has given her a quick kiss on the cheek in the corridor leading to the bridge of the Avenger. I think that this one is the best one of Shao Lin that I've ever done!
This pic catches Spydor glaring at someone (don't know who). In his left foot he holds a Schwartzonian Ion Rader (see Ape-ollo 13 for the reference), a device that primarily emits colorful waves of light.
I drew this in response to Splitzy asking me to provide an illustration for the fanfic he and I wrote. Sure, it's a little late...but I think it's pretty darn good! It shows Splitzy floating around in zero-gravity, his trusty hydrospanner in hand, surrounded by all sorts of miscellaneous junk.
Apple said she always wanted to be a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police...so I thought I'd make her wish come true! Here's our favorite irascible squirrel monkey dressed as one of the RCMP's finest. From her the tip of her regulation Stetson to the soles of her tall brown boots, she's a monkey who's a Mountie!
Here is the other Chinese Golden Monkey in the Space Monkey universe. Chia is from another dimension, and much like the Space Monkeys, is looking for a way home. Unlike Shao Lin, this Golden Monkey has black fur...but for an odd diamond of brown fur on the back of her right hand. Chia's hair is styled in a more relaxed manner, often worn in a ponytail. She dresses in form-fitting clothing of green and silver, and her ever-present blaster is always by her side.
::Sigh:: Well, this was my attempt at bringing Gigabyte to life. As a picture, it ain't bad...but it doesn't really accurately portray this enigmatic monkey-android very well, I've been told. Hey! ::shrugs:: I did the best I could with what info I had. The rest is merely artistic license, you see... Yeah, yeah! That's it! Sure...
This cute monkey-girl is none other than Alanna Taimi. Rescued by the Space Monkeys from the clutches of Rhesus 2, this Earth/Terrestria Colobus monkey hybrid has won herself a place in the hearts of the Space Monkeys and others besides. Her warm gray eyes, can-do spirit, and winning smile make her a monkey that's hard not to like!
This was my interpretation of Jemilla Tryxa...the witty, strong-willed, mysterious Tamarin monkey girl. It was my first shot at it, and I've learned later that her hair is a bit more wild and kinda spiky looking instead of the smooth "do" I show her in. I think the rest is pretty darn good...although I think I need to work on her face more. Give her a more primate-like look. Oh, well...there's always a chance I could do a second picture of this adventurous monkey lady with the mismatched eyes...
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